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Simply put, we desire to live in a better, more balanced place with the ultimate goal of doing good for our community and the environment.

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Ideate. Strategize. Collaborate. Surround yourself with smarter people!

Based in Crested Butte, Colorado, the Idea Launch Lab is a specialized product development consultancy team that has a passion for solving people's pain.

We are experts in product design/development, creative lighting, bicycles/cycles, film, aerial video/photography and all things internet.

We're consultants.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients business objectives and helping them to see another opportunity.

"The guidance, insight, and connections that Jeff Scott provided to Hero Kit were instrumental in turning an idea into a business. Jeff's broad experience with entrepreneurial activities and his willingness to be both mentor and advocate are deeply appreciated. This kind of support is vital for a new organization."

-Jason Berv
Worldwide leader of the Hero Kit conglomerate

"IdeaLab provided an excellent foundation for launching my idea. They connected me to people in their network that included the head of a foundation, a mechanical engineer, and local expertise that made it possible for me to leap over hurdles that once looked insurmountable."

-Brice Hoskin
PureFlame Clean Cookstoves

"Being able to access this kind of expertise - in product design, market development, prototyping and full-scale production - has been incredibly helpful."

Sean Norton

"The possibilities for the Idea Lab are endless. This community is filled with people with great ideas, great connections, and great resources. The Idea Lab connects all of them to make things happen."

-William Wright

"Jeff Scott began advising my small business in August of 2015. My start-up had many questions and lacked knowledge specifically in product pricing, retail and supply chain management. Jeff guided us to reduce product costs, helped us effectively present information to associates and investors, and assisted us with numerous questions regarding our company's well being. Jeff helped us expand our networkings and offers real advice. Jeff is not only extremely intelligent when it comes to new products and business, he is kind, and he sincerely cares for other people and their ideas and innovations."

-Jordan Mercer

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Bill Gamber

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At reThink, llc we like to make light of everything. - In the business world, we have come to realize that bringing new products to market can be daunting, overwhelming, and leave a creative inventor feeling dark. We like to shed light on the process of our successes. We have made light in many dark situations and believe that the success comes from being able to see in these dark situations.

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Simply put... we really love bikes.

For years we have attended bike tours and events that are focused on the wonders and enjoyment that biking can provide.

At reThink, llc we have the goal of making a simple, durable bicycle that allows a wide range of individuals to get out and ride while still having the versatility of both on and off road capability.

We feel that more people in the world need to have the access to a reliable form of transportation…the bicycle.

This passion area was created as a way to create a high-quality product and be able to get it to customers at a groundbreaking-ly low price.

We have the goal of helping to create a healthier public by getting as many people riding bikes as possible.

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Pro Media Lab

This is our Media and Art Department!

When you need to truly convey the magnificence of an event or project; photo, video, lighting are critical. We capture the perfect shot.

State-of-the-art aerial remote control vehicles and cameras provide detail and a perspective-altering experience for clients.

We are equipped with high-resolution, full-color, and fully-positionable zoom motion picture cameras ... simply unmatched.

By using an exquisite level of detail and artistry in order to capture the best combination of imagery to highlight your event.

With the combination of motion control with time-lapse photographty and video for outstanding effects we are able to unleash a whole new level of dynamic interest.

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We treat the environment and people in a respectful and sustainable manner;

We constantly innovate and educate on sustainability;

We focus on the ongoing development and dissemination of contemporary green practices;

We researching and developing an expertise in environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing practices; and

We use and build from recycled materials ... we upcycle (repurpose) material ... for example: fabrics, plastics, decomposable corn products LEDs based on vegetable oils, auto / bike tires, metal, and other materials.

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When you want to create a jaw-dropping experience making your event or concert that one that people remember, we can build things with awe-inspiring beauty and wonder.

Sculptural, Interactive art; street chandeliers (made from durable interactive fiber optics) to repurposed bike parts.

We're consultants.

Use our depth of expertise in all aspects of art lighting design, manufacturing and production to manifest your dreams.

We will illuminate and identify routes to stages and entertainment venues, artistics elements, navigation and interactive.

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We believe that the business world has the unique opportunity to teach ethics, social responsibility, and peace.

The design of reThink, llc is such that we hope to raise awareness about what the businesses can do to promote peace.

We have the vision of being a business that works together with society in a manner that mutually benefits everyone.

It is the goal of our business structure to have our decision-making be based on socially beneficial actions that will spread throughout our community.

Simply put, we desire to live in a better, more balanced place and everything we do has the ultimate goal of doing good for the world.

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PO Box 326

Crested Butte, CO - USA

(970) 901-4210

(970) 901-4210